Monday, April 19, 2010

Belem, Brasil

Since my camera broke we have Kenny Anderson doing guest updates for "sorryboutyourboy" for the rest of our trip here in Brasil. We leave on a three day boat ride tomorrow through the amazon heading to Santarem where we'll be taking a couple of days off to relax(and let my hip heal) on the beach and have some adult beverages to cool off.

Stay tuned for part two from our guest Photographer Kenny Anderson.


  1. show photos in blog...yuor in Belém muito style e show...obrigado...dudu

    Kenny Anderson , big brother muito style..

    no ingles, eheheheh!!! I love skate board.

    skipe: dudu.sardo

  2. Whats Up Kenny !!
    In broadly people living in other big citys of Brazil, never make a trip to Amazonas . Because is so dangereous there(Amazonas) is other reality .
    But do you have focus to make a trip and complety own mission, north is so beauty , but so dangerous too , good luck all people make awesome trip .

  3. style photos ver-o-peso (Açai) in Belém / Pará
    my, dudu

  4. what camera is kenny using?????